About This Gig

Imagine a situation where you need to install Windows Vista, 7 or maybe 8 into a Laptop, Ultrabook or any other WinOS capable device, but you don’t have access to DVD drive. Now you can just use Bootable USB Drive! Did you or your friend forget password and can’t log-in into Windows, Linux or Apple operating system? Now, you can even recover it! Did your files get accidentaly deleted or damaged somehow? Now you can get rid of all corrupted files, even deleted ones! The tools included in supplied bundle of this gig are there just to do this! For $5, I will send you All-in-One bundled package containing: 1. The eBook (A3) in PDF/A standard & help manuals 2. All the necessary files & tools for making your own Bootable USB Drive 3. Ticket for providing you with further assistance over IM or TeamViewer if you encounter any issues. For the same price I will also design your Bootable USB Drive’s Boot Menu according to your needs, so you can have your own picture and custom colors. Go beyond forming your opinion and ask yourself how you would use your own Live Bootable USB Flash/Pen/Key/Thumb Drive / USB-Stick. It's just your choice. I look forward to working with you!