I will write lyrics for your song

write lyrics for your song
write lyrics for your song

About This Gig

I will gladly write a song for you, in any genre. I will provide you stand-alone lyrics or you can give me the music so I write lyrics to it.
I can come up with my own themes for a song, but if you want me to work on a particular idea you come up with, you have to let me know and be as specific as possible.

This gig is for you if you:
  • Are more of a music writer and have a hard time coming up with words that compliment your tunes.
  • Already have words but not neccesarily fitting to your song.
  • Are in writing sessions and have nothing to bring to the table.
  • Would like to have writing or co-writing credit in a music project.
  • Are focused in writing music and producing you have no time to write lyrics.

This is a ghostwriting service, meaning, you will retain 100% copyrights and use the finished product whenever/wherever you'd like.

Order Details


Professional lyrics in any genre

  • Up to 1000 Words
  • Commercial Use
2 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you write songs in Spanish?
    Yes. As a Spanish native speaker I write songs in Spanish as well.
  • Do I have to provide music so you can write lyrics?
    No. I can write lyrics without having the need for a track to write to. However, it's up to you if you want to send me your music.
  • Will I retain 100% copyrights of the lyrics?
    Yes. This is a ghostwriting gig. After I complete the job, you will retain the full copyrights to the lyrics; you can do whatever you want with it.
  • How do I register the lyrics once you give them to me?
    You can register them in the U.S. Copyright Office (www.copyright.gov) and make sure you fill out the proper form. You don't have to register them if you are in a publishing deal as your company will most likely do it for you; but I totally recommend it in case any situation arises.