I will edit your raw VOICEOVER audio

edit your raw VOICEOVER audio
edit your raw VOICEOVER audio
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About This Gig


If you are a voice talent that loves recording, but would rather not have to deal with the editing process, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!  

Being a voice over talent myself, I completely understand the process involved in delivering high quality voice over audio.  I also understand that time is money, and if you can free up some of your time to record more (which is what really makes you money!), or to spend that time doing other important things in your life (friends, family, learn to play the ukulele, etc), why not do it?  

The best part is, you can do it at such a low cost!  I will edit up to 400 words worth of voice over audio (for either a single script or a combination of scripts) for $5!  

Basically, you record your raw voice over as usual, then send it to me to remove mistakes, breaths, pops, mouth noise, long pauses, maybe add some compression and gate... basically make it delivery ready FOR YOU!   AND, I get it back to you in under 24 hours (even sooner if you need it!).

We both know that the editing needs to get done, but who says it has to be you?  TRY ME OUT TODAY FOR FREE! One script recording up to 200 words to see if we are a fit together.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Raw Voice Over Audio Editing

I will edit up to 400 words worth of Voice Over audio in under 24 hrs for $5!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there anything I need to do to the audio before I send it to you?
    No. After you hit the "Stop" button after recording your audio is exactly how I want to receive your audio. I will take wav files as well as mp3 files (wav files are better). Name each file as you would when delivering it. Do no additional editing or processing of the audio. Totally raw!
  • Is there a set way that you need me to mark where my mistakes are in the audio files?
    I use Adobe Audition CS6, so if you use it too, and you use 'markers', that information can be saved on the file by checking the "Include markers and other metadata" box when saving. If not, you can always clap into the recording to create spikes that can serve as markers in the audio.
  • You said I could try you out for FREE... how would I do that?
    Simple.. Just send me audio you would like to edit, along with the associated script via the messenger, along with any other information you think I would need to complete the job. I offer first timers one free script recording for up to 200 words.
  • Do you offer video sync or adding background music?
    I don't normally offer those things for this gig because I assume that most voice talent can do that stuff on their end (which is more money in their pocket), but if that is something people need, I do offer that service on a case by case basis. BG Music-$10 & Video Sync-$10.
  • Why do you need the script along with the audio?
    Two reasons: 1. to verify the word count of the script for pricing reasons (but more importantly...) 2. to aid as a reference in the editing process, so to make sure that I understand what the end VO audio should say after all editing is done.
  • What types of audio formats do you offer for delivery?
    You can choose to have the finished audio delivered in one of the following formats: -Wave PCM (.wav) -MP3 Audio (.mp3) -MP2 Audio (.mp2) -AIFF (.aif, .aiff) -Quicktime-Audio Only (.mov) I also maintain the sample rate/bit rate of the original audio to maintain the highest sound quality.
  • What recording levels and settings do you recommend?
    Your levels should be around -6dB to -9dB with spikes up to -3dB. Minimum sample rate: 48Mhz, bitrate: 24 bit Channels: Mono Yes.. "Mono" files. They are half the size of stereo files and produce the exact same sound and level of quality. Recording in stereo doesn't make your audio sound better.
  • What is the math in what I save in time/money vs. what I would pay you to edit?
    Easy! I edit 400w of audio for $5. Editing=1/2 of total VO production time. $1.25/100w=37% increase in productivity* $.94/75w=53% increase in productivity* $.63/50w=69% increase in productivity* * After Fiverr 20% cut For a full explanation of the math, please the see the PDF in the Gallery.
  • Your gig delivery used to 24hrs, but now it is 48hrs... what gives!?
    If you see that my gig delivery is currently 48hrs, it is because I am out of town for one day (Saturday), I do not want to put my gigs into vacation mode, so I just increase my delivery an additional 24hrs. Fear not.. once I am back in town, it will be back to 24hrs again!