About This Gig

Hello, my name is Carolina Storni and I am an illustrator that loves her work and likes her clients to be satisfied. My illustrations are digital in Photoshop or Procreate. IMPORTANT: For $5 I will draw the concept sketch. THE PRICE FOR THE FINAL ILLUSTRATION is $85. You will have ALL THE RIGHTS ON THE IMAGE I just will reserve myself the right of featuring the illustration here and/or in my website and I ask you for my credit as illustrator. I adecuate my style to your requirement, so please if it is possible, attach some samples or tell me what style you have in mind. Please provide: - The resolution of the picture that you need in dpi - The file format of the picture: e.g. png, jpg, psd, cdr. - The size of it. ANY QUESTION JUST TELL ME! THANKS :)
Note: I am sorry for any unanswered messages. I am doing my best to reply to all of them but if you didn't get yours please do write again. Thanks!

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