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WordPress FAQs

  • What does WordPress do?

    WordPress is a popular content management system that’s commonly used to create a wide variety of websites. Because it’s open-source, integrates with numerous plug-ins, and offers a large selection of templates, WordPress can be used to create websites with many different functions and appearances.

  • Why should I use WordPress for my website?

    When it comes to building your website, there are various different platforms to use. WordPress is popular because it allows the website creator a ton of freedom in terms of how the site is configured, what it looks like, and what functionality it has. Some website-building platforms may be simpler to use, but they offer more limited options. If you’re looking to create a fully customized website that fulfills all your needs, WordPress is a good choice.

  • Why should I hire a WordPress expert?

    While setting up a rudimentary website or blog with WordPress is fairly simple, you’ll need to hire a WordPress developer if you need customization of your website’s layout or some sort of functionality not offered out-of-the-box.

  • Who uses WordPress websites?

    While WordPress is primarily known as a platform for bloggers, the fact is that it can be used by anyone looking to build a website. It’s used by The Obama Foundation, gaming companies like Angry Birds, media publications like Vogue, and many more.

  • Are WordPress websites free?

    The short answer is yes, WordPress websites are free. However, there are certain templates and plug-ins that you may need to pay for in case you would like to use them, and you’ll also need to pay some (usually small) amount for web hosting, as well as the price of your domain name. Note that there’s a separate company called Wordpress.com (as opposed to WordPress.org, the original WordPress), for which you must pay in order to access most of the features.

  • What does open source mean?

    WordPress was created by independent developers and since no company runs it, there is no customer support team you can turn to when you need help. This means that to solve bugs, customize your site, or add functionality, you’ll need to figure it out on your own or with the help of a third-party WordPress expert. While you won’t be able to reach out for help through WordPress itself, you can find many experts to choose from by searching for WordPress developers online.