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3D Product Animation FAQs

  • What is 3D animation?

    3D product animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images to explain your product uniquely and creatively. Good product animation videos help simplify complex ideas or processes using 3D characters and graphics.

  • What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

    2D animation is a "flat" animation created in two-dimensional space, where the animated object only has height and width. 3D animation is more lifelike and realistic as the animated objects also have depth. 2D animations are mainly in websites and explainer videos. 3D animations are used widely in architecture, gaming, biotechnology, and aerospace

  • What are some of the advantages of 3D animation?

    3D animation is the best way to visualize a complex product. It also provides a quick way to verify product design, identify issues with it, and make it easier and faster to simulate how the final product will behave. Other advantages include visual appeal, high quality of animations, and lower cost of production.

  • What is included in 3D product animation services?

    Depending on the particular seller, animators can include various services, including texturing, camera animation, music or voiceovers, fluid simulations, text overlay, modeling, storyboarding, professional color grading, and more.

  • What should I prepare in advance for my 3D product animation?

    Before your animator can start, you'll need to provide either a model or reference images for your project. It's always best to come with an idea in mind, what you'll be using the animation for, and the deadline for your project. Your seller will also provide you with specific requirements they have as well.

  • How much do 3D product animation services cost?

    Your 3D product animation services' price will greatly depend on your specific requirements and your video's run time. Do you already have a 3D model? Do you need extra services such as scriptwriting, a storyboard, or voiceover recording? Every extra equals a higher price, so always inquire about fees from your seller first.