I will format your document as a nice looking pdf

For my ... Really the Best!!! Thanks Cath!!! Para mi ... Realmente la mejor!!! Gracias Cath!!
Reviewed by charli80 19 days ago
Estoy todavía impresionado por el excelente trabajo realizado por Catherine y por su disposición y facilidades en todo el proceso. Me considero muy afortunado por trabajar con ella y estoy seguro que repetiré. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
Reviewed by ramoneye 2 months ago
Catherine es encantadora, responde muy rápido a los mensajes y es muy buena en su trabajo. Me ha gustado tanto la maquetación que he vuelto a usar sus servicios. Muy recomendable
Reviewed by monipeni 7 months ago
format your document as a nice looking pdf
format your document as a nice looking pdf
format your document as a nice looking pdf

About This Gig

I have been working in the publishing business for 12 years. 

Athough maybe you are not publishing, sometimes you need to provide documents or books from your website in pdf format, or you have got a nice pdf from any site and you would like yours to look nicer !

If you need to format your info in a nice pdf just let me know, I will use the content of your documents to create a nice pdf. I usually work with adobe indesign to make the formatting.

As a general rule I will format 1-3 pages per Gig but that depends a lot on the complexity of the formatting you need to be done, so, send me the document before ordering to make you my best offer.