I will resolve any cellphone issue you have

resolve any cellphone issue you have

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Since the release of the smartphone, carriers and manufacturers have been charging outrageous prices for technical support. In the early days, companies like Apple offered free technical support to anyone with an iphone, but more recently they have created an addition 99.99$ fee if you want tech support over the phone or at the genius bar. I was shocked when my grandmother told me that they charged her this ridiculous price for a simple restoration error she was receiving in itunes, something that was Apple's fault and not hers. To aid in a cheaper method of fixing your cellphone issues i am here today to offer assistance with any cellphone issues you might have. I have been repairing broken iphones for nearly 5 years now, and have been using android phones off and on for roughly 3 years. I am in college for computer programming. I can generally troubleshoot any and all problems you may have with your smart phone for literally 95% off of the manufacturers costs! If i can't resolve your issue, you better believe your getting a refund!

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