I will record your male English voiceover

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We got what we needed! Will work with chip again in the future!
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Always the best!
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Very fast turnaround, recommended :)
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Chip was fast and professional. Definitely advised!
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Crisp and clear. Recommended!
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Awesome and very professional service. Quick response time and delivery.
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Great job on a custom order. Nice vocal variation. Thanks!
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record your male English voiceover
record your male English voiceover

About This Gig

  • 50 words would be $5. 
  • 51 to 100 words would be $10.
  • 101 to 150 words would be $15, and so on.
  • Vocabulary word lists require a higher rate, $5 to 25 words.
  • Copy containing foreign names or words in a language other than Spanish or French require a higher rate.
I'm an actor who has provided voiceover for studio projects and IVR for many years. Simply send me your commercial copy or video text and describe the tone and delivery style you'd like. I can also help you with music beds and copy editing.

Always have your voiceover recorded before creating your video, as the video must be long enough to accommodate the audio.

Please send your copy as a Word or similar document. Please do not send PowerPoint or PDF. Clarify questionable pronunciations by including an audio example or link to a video where I can hear it. Abbreviations must be spelled out, or they will be read as abbreviations. Please provide pronunciations for acronyms. 

Revisions must be paid barring a reading error on my part. Please submit your final draft, as I will read your first copy submission, and if you wish to make changes after placing the order, they must be paid. I'll supply multiple audio files for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must I pay for revisions?
    Unless I misread a script or omit a word, revisions must be paid. Please provide an accurate description of the tone, pace and delivery style that you'd like, and I'll record my interpretation of your instructions.
  • Can you improve the English in my script?
    Yes, and it's available as a $5 'gig extra.' Reading broken English is difficult for me because it's not a natural speech pattern. Conversely, correct grammar and usage makes your copy sound more professional, and is easier to read.
  • What is 'sync to video'?
    If you need narration for your video, you may provide me a script with time markers so that I can edit my voiceover to match the timing in your video. I can also sync my VO to text that apppears on screen. I'll then provide you an audio (MP3) file that you can add to your video in post-production.