About This Gig

IMPORTANT: my definition of a "One set of lyrics" is: i'll write 3 verses of 4 lines of text each AND 1 chorus of 4 lines for you about the subject of your choice and deliver your lyrics in a text file.  see the example photo! upon delivery, i waive my ownership of the lyrics - they're all yours!

need more verses? need a bridge? just order the extras - it's $5 per additional verse/chorus/bridge. EXAMPLE: 4 verses, 1 bridge & 1 chorus = $35. that's still a reasonable price for custom lyrics! :D

NOTE: my default song structure is V/V/Ch/V and V/V/Ch/Br/V if ordering the optional bridge. let me know if you want it a different way

Need music for the lyrics? check my other gigs!

my musical style is rock & pop/rock (REM, Beck, Sting, etc.)

here's a sample of the type of music i produce: http://fiverr.com/chrishardy/give-you-a-digital-copy-of-my-new-cd

sorry, but i'm pretty lousy at pop, hip-hop, rap and country music, so if that's what you want, you might want to pass on this gig.