I will write attractive sales copy for $5

write attractive sales copy
write attractive sales copy

About This Gig

Attractive sales copy that converts boosts your profits.

When you run a promo, sale, or launch, you only really get one shot- the all important launch day.  And it takes planning and buy-in from your target market to experience the best results.

Think about all that energy and effort you've put in creating your product and crafting your offer- it really all comes down to the crucial moments whether you convert your prospects after they hit the landing page.

In order to put yourself in the best position to convert prospects into sales, you need to deliver copy that inspires action.  Therefore, you need to appeal to your target customer's emotions. 

I will write 100 words of sales copy for your landing page for $5.

If you desire more than 100 words, please order the appropriate number accordingly.

Other choices for $5 include a conversion outline unique for your solution.

Regardless of your list size or overall product launch strategy, certain fundamentals should be in place.  You've worked too hard creating your product, now give yourself the best chance to succeed by consulting with a proven expert.

Please see the gig extras for more information. Please contact me for special requests.

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