I will make professional voice over and accents

make professional voice over and accents

About This Gig

I do accents (Jamaican, Irish, Indian, British, African, Russian... You name it)
I do impressions 
I play the keyboard as you might have noticed in my picture. 
Live background sounds can be added if needs be.
I am quit creative so if you don't. Have much time to think about what
you want I could work with a brief summary of what you would like.

Thanks for stopping by.

If your script is longer than 150 words, please just order multiple gigs to reach the correct length. For example, if you have 280 words, order 3 gigs, and I'll record the full script for you

If you order 3 gigs I'll do an additional voice over FREE. 

I will do great voice overs for:

Audio books
YouTube videos
Podcast intros or bumpers
Phone messages
Video games

•    No Adult Content or Nothing sensuous (of a sexual nature)
•    No Abusive or Political Content
•    No Violence 
•    No Religious Content  

It's highly likely you will get your request way before 5 days. Depending on the technicalities of your request it shouldn't take 1-3 days.

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