I will lock your love in Italy, Part 1

Thank you very much! :)
Reviewed by wmsuman 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by janedoesnot 10 months ago
A great experience from start to finish. Would highly recommend!!!
Reviewed by pnp02022012 11 months ago
Seller delivered exactly what I wanted right on time. It's a perfect gift.
Reviewed by eziekieal about 1 year ago
Great communication and fast service! I love it! Thank you!
Reviewed by triumvirate about 1 year ago
pics came out great thanks again for your help!
Reviewed by sherman_clay88 about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by aodell7521 almost 2 years ago
Right on time for Valentine's thanks!
Reviewed by cevman about 2 years ago
Perfect gift, thank you very much
Reviewed by bsgill89 about 2 years ago
An original and fun idea :)
Reviewed by benslater235 about 2 years ago
great work!!! :) will order more, highly recommended
Reviewed by pinoybai about 2 years ago
A remarkably wonderful and romantic idea! Excellent communication - an outstanding seller! Thank you!
Reviewed by katherinesnowe about 2 years ago
Thank you! This is such a romantic present!
Reviewed by allipie77 about 2 years ago
Very nice gig. Picture is sold seperately.
Reviewed by emrahsaglik over 2 years ago
Great experience! Just the thing I wanted delivered with speed and accuracy! :D
Reviewed by frazah over 2 years ago
Perfect! She was very helpful and it was done very quickly.
Reviewed by hlain77 over 2 years ago
So fun and quick!
Reviewed by skohrs over 2 years ago
Reviewed by trent0715 over 2 years ago
On very short notice a lock was placed from me to my wife on our 15 year Anniversary. Very cool! Now we will plan a trip to go to that location which now has a link to our hearts! Thank You!!!
Reviewed by hellmuttvonschn over 2 years ago
Awesome Seller!!!
Reviewed by bluehamster over 2 years ago
lock your love in Italy, Part 1
lock your love in Italy, Part 1
lock your love in Italy, Part 1
lock your love in Italy, Part 1

About This Gig

On Valentines or Christmas Day, do you want to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with the most romantic gift? Do you want to make a wish and lock it on a bridge in Italy? You can have me put a lock with your names written on it and lock it to a bridge in Como. HOW ROMANTIC! She/He will never forget it! Ask me to do that and I can send you a picture showing your Italian "wish/love lock" as a gig extra.
Check my other gig about the key of your Love Lock... and tell me what to do with it! :)