I will convert your MIDI files to sheet music

convert your MIDI files to sheet music

About This Gig

With this Gig I will take 1 track (instrument) of your MIDI File and convert it MANUALLY into sheet music.

Why not let the sequencer do the work?

For the following reasons:

1.- The MIDI File is an exact representation of how notes were played, but not how they were written in the first place. For example, a quarter note "staccato" will be rendered by the sequencer as an eighth or sixteenth note. Only a musician can analyze what was played and put it back in correct notation.

2.- The sequencer will not put repeat signs, ending numbers, Coda indications, among others, so sheet music printed directly from the sequencer will be many pages long; impossible to fit on a music stand! Only a musician can listen to the song, detect the different kinds of repeats and apply them to the sheet music, so you will get the less amount of pages possible for your instrument part.

3.- The sequencer software will print transposed instruments, like Alto Sax, Trumpet, etc. in "concert key" and those parts will probably be rejected by the players of those instruments.


Basic Gig covers only one track or instrument.

Each additional track is $5 (see Extras).