I will remove unwanted sections from audio or video files

remove unwanted sections from audio or video files

About This Gig

For this Gig all you have to do is provide an audio or video file and I will remove all the unwanted sections you specify, for example:

For Radio, TV, Podcasts, etc.

  • You have an interview and want to remove some parts (pauses between phrases, repetitions, etc.) without affecting the flow of the conversation.
  • Put the bleep sound on profanities.


Extract only the sections you want and deliver them as separate files.


Basic Gig ($5.00) includes 5 editing operations
First Extra ($10.00) adds 10 more editing operations
Second Extra ($20) adds 20 more editing operations

Important: If you want to edit a video file, each editing operation has to be multiplied by 2 (one for the audio and one for the video).

Please prepare a numbered list of time codes (From HH:MM:SS - To HH:MM:SS) in Excel in which you specify the editing operation to be applied (cut, bleep or other) to each section.

You can calculate the pricing by getting the total amount of editing operations (number of rows on the Excel sheet) and match it (rounding to the next $5) with the combination of Gigs and Extras

If you are not sure what the price would be, please send me the numbered list of time codes and I will let you know.