I will mix your audio files into a medley

mix your audio files into a medley

About This Gig

With this Gig I will take your audio files (or sections of them) and mix them sequentially (medley) into one song.


1.- For composers.- Record your ideas (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Variation, Ending) into separate files and I will mix them all to create a song according to your instructions.

2.- For Gyms, etc..- Just send me the songs you would like to include and I will mix them (or part of them) one after another with smooth transitions/crossfades and with the same volume level.


1.- Each operation is $5 so, for example, if you would only want to mix 2 whole songs together (each one from start to finish), you can go ahead and order the basic Gig.

2.- For all other cases, including the creation of short versions of each song and other editing operations, please send me the audio files and instructions first to send you a custom offer.