I will provide financial consulting services

provide financial consulting services
provide financial consulting services

About This Gig

I am a professional stock/futures trader approaching five years experience and currently in the process of opening my own trading room. I use a simple, conservative strategy to ensure profits and stay ahead of the curve. Trading is my main job (9+ hours a day) and primary source of income.

Have an idea for a stock or futures position, but not sure about the correct entry/exit? Maybe you're not sure about the trade all together? Let me take the the burden off your shoulders by offering clear, systematic risk management that has served me well for years.

Gig 1: Beginner/Intermediate Trader | 1 stock or futures position | 1 entry and one exit | Position sizing

Gig 2: Intermediate/Aspiring Professional Trade | Up to 3 stocks or futures position | Advanced Entry & Risk Management | Position Sizing

*Bonus: For an extra $5, I'll throw in macro, my micro view on the security, potential hazards, and 1 trading tip.

Among the many tools you'll have working for you when you order this gig:

Quantshare: bit.ly/29iDoXo| Finviz| Stockcharts| Multicharts.net

And much more...!

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Order Details

1 day delivery

Analysis & Market Risk/Strategy

I will analyze 1 future or stock of your choice and analyze your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast will the order be delivered?
    I generally finish work around 8:30 EST. I will try to have it delivered before 10 PM or the morning after.