I will dance and sing your logo business or friend

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bassibassi 4 months ago
Awesome, Excellent, oh my goodness so funny and too good!
Reviewed by nzwah777 6 months ago
Reviewed by dancepower 7 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by tklim63 7 months ago
man...you nailed it again...i love this gig!!!
Reviewed by drcgolman 7 months ago
Wonderful work seller is very responsive,fast and professional well done A+++++
Reviewed by moresales4u 8 months ago
Reviewed by abbyvegas132 8 months ago
Great work.
Reviewed by aconaway1 8 months ago
Perfecto! Huge thanks!
Reviewed by electribe 8 months ago
excellent work, thank you very much!
Reviewed by danielangermayr 9 months ago
This just might be the best thing I've ever watched.
Reviewed by aconaway1 9 months ago
Thanks, perfect
Reviewed by ryanbalemi 10 months ago
Great Job. Thank you.
Reviewed by robert190 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ryanbalemi 11 months ago
fun and crazy every effort to do the best job.
Reviewed by carlitoschance 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by zibrahim about 1 year ago
I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
Reviewed by juicesupport about 1 year ago
was hoping the whole phrase i sent would be repeated and not just one of the words but was still very funny and much appreciated
Reviewed by mantlepiece about 1 year ago
Awesome job! I will be ordering again! Love the shirt, too! =)
Reviewed by tomlyon over 1 year ago
Thank you very much :) Great work.
Reviewed by activeconcept over 1 year ago
dance and sing your logo business or friend
dance and sing your logo business or friend
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About This Gig

You give me a Friends name, occasion or logo to say and a couple adjectives (up to 10 words per $5)with which you wish to describe your product, friend, or business, and I will sing and improvised dance  it for you! Watch the video for an example. (No Adult/xxx) This basic gig is an Improvised (non-scripted) gig, 10 words = 1 gig, 11-20 words = 2gigs etc. If you want me to sing a specific song, or learn your song that is extra. To print out your logo or message and hold it up at the beginning is extra. I have many Great Gig Extras offered check below; HD , add text, rush the order, your script into camera before I start dancing, etc.  When selecting any of the extras you must give me direction as to what it is you are wanting so as I KNOW. Otherwise if you don't and I assume something other than what you wanted just re-order with the directions so I know.