I will report your News from anywhere with green screen

wow... it was better than I imagined will get him to do many more
Reviewed by jacquicollie 7 months ago
I think that the individual is difficult to work and chooses to misconstrue your information. Also the speech does not flow properly, you can hear hiccups when he speaks. And when he ends the lines he does not sound finished
Reviewed by johnicelavon 8 months ago
Great job! Thank you very much. Most appreciated
Reviewed by thatndhbaguy 11 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by swell33 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
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I had an absolutely a terrific experience with this seller. He really produced a quality product and obviously cared about doing a great job. I would DEFINITELY use again!
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Excellent service. Very professional. If there were 6 stars I would mark .6 stars. Will be back for more. Thank you Tom
Reviewed by clipmarketing about 2 years ago
Absolutely nailed it! And was super fast in getting it done, thanks for such great work.
Reviewed by jamesfarnham about 2 years ago
Very helpful guy... great experience .. Thank you.
Reviewed by fadi546 over 2 years ago
Reviewed by crisnog over 2 years ago
Did exactly what I asked.
Reviewed by ovega0521 over 2 years ago
Great job. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by historynut over 2 years ago
Excellent work! Highly recommended
Reviewed by nikolauseberl over 2 years ago
Great communication. Friendly and quick service. Would order from this seller again ;)
Reviewed by nine10power over 2 years ago
thanks a bunch !!! looks great!!!
Reviewed by cogentcoatings over 2 years ago
I haven't received any replies on my messages... I have never had a bad experience on fiverr - I guess there's a first time for everything
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A great service and an excellent production. Fast, efficient, helpful and friendly. Thanks.
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Good Job, good to work with
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Good Job, great work!! Made small change upon request. Good Fiverr seller!
Reviewed by cannbros almost 3 years ago
report your News from anywhere with green screen
report your News from anywhere with green screen
report your News from anywhere with green screen
report your News from anywhere with green screen
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About This Gig

As a News Reporter or Sports Announcer I will report your breaking News from various possible locations, choose one of my offered locations (1-8 at end of demo or CGI Studio) or send me a horizontal pic, jpg or psd or video to use as the background, (I can do up to 5 pics for your video background, more than 5 background pics you need to purchase the gig extra). (If you send me a pic or video please state if it is for Background or Picture in picture). Its 40 words a gig (41-80 $10, 81-120 $15 etc.) so divide your script word count by 40 round up, order the gig that many times. Unless otherwise directed it will start with "News Break". Unless otherwise directed I will use the hand held mic prop for all videos except for the studio background where I will not. You have to send me a script or purchase the gig extra for me to write it "$20" (give me some idea of what you are wanting if I'm to write the script.) Double Check What You Want Before You Order as I go from the information I receive, all info must be in the order and full payment for the script length and extras before work will start.Check out other gig extras :D I don't do Adult/xxx or Political Slander.

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29 days delivery

Special Packages Coming Soon

Special Packages Coming Soon