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You won't go wrong working with creativeman. He personalised his service and knows exactly what he is doing. Order now!
Reviewed by ricardo30 7 days ago
The service I got from creativeman by far outways the price I had to paid.I had no idea how to setup facebook but after this Gig I saw the light.Great service and thanks again.You are a star.
Reviewed by bmulder 11 days ago
Talk about over delivery! This gig is just that! Awesome
Reviewed by hollypowell 18 days ago
We have worked with before. We are from Cleveland and as everyone knows Cleveland Rocks and so does Murray!!!!! Murray uses his expertise and proprietary knowledge to CREATE AMAZING gigs Also,he ALWAYS overdelivers!!!
Reviewed by bigman327 21 days ago
I'm very impressed with the level of responsiveness and the effort put into understanding what we needed for our business. Thank you!
Reviewed by bosjbumper 24 days ago
Very happy with the outcome. I am happy that I decided to work with Murray
Reviewed by ahassan12 4 days ago
I was starting to sell on Facebook and was just pouring money into ads that I had now way of telling if they were returning results. I didn't know if my page was effective or needed reworking. I purchased the Analyze Your Facebook Page package and found I was going in the right direction . Well worth the expense
Reviewed by hollisterroad 21 days ago
Murray is the best! Very personable, respectful, and knows what he's talking about. Well worth the investment. Highly recommend. And I love his Kiwi accent in the video he sends.
Reviewed by antonyscott 25 days ago
Excellent service delivered on time. Exactly what I needed.
Reviewed by kenkiefer70 26 days ago
Great and Also learned alot!
Reviewed by tomgilliam about 1 month ago
very pleased with the analysis. highly recommend.
Reviewed by antioxidant4u 27 days ago
Awesome as always, Murray! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by kenhain about 1 month ago
Great job. The gig yields a fantastic baseline of how to move forward. It's tough to stay up to date with the changes to any one medium and this service provides a great way to 'tune up' More to come...
Reviewed by btsoakley about 1 month ago
I was unsure at first about what I would get, but this turned out to be well worth my time and money. Now I have to take the time to implement this. But the best news is that I now have a clear and concise action plan to follow. Thank you.
Reviewed by imahuman about 1 month ago
Murray provides great service and information for marketers wanting to use Facebook as a channel. The review he has just done for my client's Bali mountain rainforest tourist resort, Alassari Plantation, will help it stand out from the bunch and get visitors. Thanks again Murray for a job well done. regards David
Reviewed by findapark about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by fordlawoffices 3 months ago
great job
Reviewed by fordlawoffices 3 months ago
went above and beyond! please come back to fiver fulltime i need you
Reviewed by jennifersibony 3 months ago
Fantastic experience!! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Will definitely work with him again in the near future
Reviewed by hassanhassan683 3 months ago
creative man is amazing, he really knows his stuff, I'm planning on using him on an ongoing basis when it comes to my FB pages. I know I can really trust him and work with him. thanks Creative man :-)
Reviewed by cherribeary 3 months ago
analyze your Facebook Page
analyze your Facebook Page
analyze your Facebook Page
analyze your Facebook Page
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Description Basic Analysis of yr Facebook Page Video Analysis & More Premium Facebook Strategies
  Analyze your Facebook Page inside my software & provide video teaching you how to make it successful Analyze your FB Page + 7 Facebook Marketing eBooks + Easy Facebook ads Video Training +ACTION PLAN All Standard Features + Teach you how to massively boost post engagement using ▶ FB Live Video
Tailored Marketing Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve your social media presence
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About This Gig

*** 530+ 5 Star REVIEWS ! & FEATURED BY FIVERR ***

Is your Facebook page performing well?

Want to find out what can be done to improve your fan page and make it more successful?

When you order this Gig...
I will analyze your page through my software & provide you a personalised & insightful 7min+ screen recorded video teaching you how to run your F.B page professionally. See Blue slide above.

In a Hurry? Order "EXTRA FAST"

Gig Extras
- Add post Analysis ACTION PLAN

$20- Add "1 Cent Clicks Facebook Ads" Video Tutorial 1hr 41min

$20- 7x Facebook Marketing eBooks. They are short & succinct easy training guides
1) 48 Tips for Better Fa.cebo.ok Page Engagement
2) Easy way to run Fa.cebo.ok Photo Contests
3) How to change your App Image
4) How to change your Fa.cebo.ok Font to Grab Peoples Attention
5) How to Create Custom Audiences on Facebo.ok
6) How to Create Usernames and Milestones
7) How to Create Funny & Engaging Memes

See My Numerous Other Fa.cebo.ok Marketing Gigs

I do not do orders for pages like these...
  • Psychic Readings
  • R18 content
  • Taboo niches
  • Drug promotion

Please read my FAQ's below

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Facebook page is brand new. Is this gig worth buying?
    Yes, infact I've helped hundreds of people with brand new pages. You will learn so much about how to run your Facebook page successfully, just read my reviews (especially the ones in my PDF just under my gig video).
  • My Facebook page is not in English can you still analyze it?
    Yes, so long as you can understand me speaking in English in the screen recorded video I make for you it won't matter if your posts are in a language I can't speak myself. I've analyzed pages in German, Spanish, Danish etc no problem.
  • What do I get when I order this gig?
    I will analyze your page through my software & provide you a personalised & insightful 7min screen recorded video teaching you how to run your Facebook page professionally. Learn how to run your Facebook page like a Pro and get setup right from the beginning, it will save you a lot of guess work!
  • Which plan should I order?
    Order the STANDARD or PREMIUM Plan for best value. You get pro training from my 7 Facebook marketing ebooks, Facebook Ads Tutorial and most importantly you will get my post analysis Action Plan. PREMIUM Plan includes above + comprehensive Facebook Live Training to massively boost your engagement.
  • Do you sell Facebook Likes?
    I don't sell likes at all. I teach people how to grow their Facebook pages successfully without buying fake worthless likes on Fiverr. Buying likes is against Facebook's ToS and are all from FAKE Facebook profiles. Fake profiles DO NOT like, comment &engage on your posts or click any of your links!
  • Can I order this gig for a Friends Facebook Business page?
    Yes you can but if it's a surprise gift then please ensure the Facebook page is viewable from New Zealand (where I'm based so I can view it) - I've had people order for friends in the past only to find they can't edit Country Restrictions because they are not admins of the page.
  • What are the Benefits of Ordering this gig?
    You will learn what you need to do to make your Facebook page a success! Learn how to increase your likes without buying fake likes. Learn what type of posts you need to do more or less of based on your audience. Learn what times of day to post for max engagement & so much more. See Blue Slide4more
  • I know my Facebook page needs a lot of work, what can you do?
    I've helped pages with zero likes and content get off the ground with this gig. You will learn how to make your page successful (see blue slide) and I highly recommend you share the video I create to any page admins who partner with you in the future. This is the most logical FB gig to order first.
  • Tell me more about the Action Plan
    Firstly the Video analysis is 100% personalised to your Facebook page. Then depending on how your page performed in the video analysis the Action Plan is Generic. For Example if your engagement rate was under XX% my Action plan explains what things can be done to improve your Engagement Rate.