I will give stock recommendations and advice

give stock recommendations and advice

About This Gig

For every customer I will ask for their financial goals and match their goals with the investments available in the equity market.

For $5 dollars I will provide

1. 5 stock recommendations that match customer preferences in risk and return
2.  Analyze and give feedback on 5 stocks that the customer wants to know more about and my recommendations on the 5 stocks
3.  I will answer basic market questions including macroeconomic indicators and fundamental indicators that I use

For  $10 I will provide all three as  a bundled gift

The markets are a tough place for people who have little experience or need financial advice.  I can give good fundamental long-term advise that will grow your money overtime while also meeting financial goals that you may have.  I have been in the stock market since I was 16 years old and am now 20.  Give me a shot and I will look enhance your portfolio returns in the years to come.                    

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7 days delivery