I will teach java programming as private tutor

teach java programming as private tutor

About This Gig

im a java private tutor, i will teach you the java programming language via teamviewer.
each lesson costs 15$
i will teach you oop,how to use a database and how to create desktop apps with swing and game development .

please contact me before you order

Order Details

7 days delivery

an hour of private lesson in java.

i will teach you how to program in java from the ground up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • what is teamviewer?
    its a screen sharing softwere created by microsoft. i use it to connect to youre computer and teach you java on youre computer.
  • what ide do you use to teach?
    for teaching java i use eclipse ide,but we can use netbeans if youre more comfortable with it.
  • how do you teach?
    first i estimate the students level, most students come to me with a little experience with java. then i build lessons according to the students level, after we go over the basics, we will create a few console programs to develop the students "mechine/programming logic" and then oop,swing gui sql..
  • how do you teach?2 (advanced stuff)
    after we go over basic java programing and the student can create console programs alone. we go over object oriented programing, after that i teach gui programing with swing,and we convert some of the console programs to gui programs, and i also teach how to use sqlite database.
  • will you help me create a portfolio?
    when the student reaches a level that he can create advanced gui database driven programs . i will guide and help design projects the student can show. i will also teach the student how to upload the code to github and create an online portfolio
  • how do you teach game programing?
    i have a framework i developed based upon slick2d game engine. i will teach students how to use it and develop games with it. when the student reaches a good level i will recommend joining the next ludum dare global game jam . i recommend ludum dare to any aspiring game developer.