I will find rhyming words for up to 100 words

find rhyming words for up to 100 words

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Provide me a list as a text or excel file, and I'll send you back a list with at least one rhyming word for any input word Example: if the input file contains one line: rose You'll get back the following file: rose bows brose chose close clothes cose crose crow's crows doe's doze eaux flows foes froze glows goes grows hoes hose joes knows lowes lows moes no's noes nose o's oh's ohs ose owes pose pro's pros prose roes row's rows shows slows snows so's sows those throes throws toes tows woes arose bestows compose depose disclose dispose enclose expose foreclose forgoes impose oppose plainclothes propose repose suppose tarots transpose decompose interpose juxtapose predispose presuppose reimpose misdiagnose overexpose superimpose Bose Bowes

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