I will create effective Excel formula and automating VBA script

I would like to say Thankyou so much to Dats for being genuine and humble. He answered all my questions even when he was super busy he went out his way to get the job done. He communicated very well. Dats really wants his clients to understand their work, so he goes out his way to really help.
Reviewed by mekhi1 over 1 year ago
create effective Excel formula and automating VBA script

About This Gig

Your Excel report will look cleaner, professional and be more effective if you use the right formula.
Your repetitive Excel related task will be done by just a click with a good VBA Macro.

+ You have any goal you wish to achieve by using Excel
+ You struggle with a hard formula and can not get it right
+ You need to consult which formula you should use
+ You need to automate repetitive and tedious Excel job

One formula cost $5.
VBA will be price on steps, obviously various steps will cost more, I will give you the quote when I see your requirement.

As I am often asked to make customized report and it took time, I cannot make a complicated task with only $5. (I often send a custom offer for a containing-a-lot-of-step Excel Macro).

I need to see your requirement and we should discuss the price before you make an order. Please drop me a message by click the "Contact Me" button on the right.