I will look at your future using my psychic gift

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look at your future using my psychic gift
look at your future using my psychic gift
look at your future using my psychic gift

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I will do a 10 card Tarot reading for you, I will make sure your question is answered.  You will receive an in depth audio reading. Please ask one question or give me one subject  to look at such as: Love, Money, Career, Health, Job.  

Not only can I see the what will happen in the future, I will provide the date, month, or year it will happen when it comes up in the reading.
Sending m4a audio files, if I have time I could convert to mp3's.
Please understand that I cannot spend the time answering the questions such as when will I get married, find my soulmate, having children.  If that date comes up I will gladly tell you, but it takes a lot of time to search for this. When asking a question include a time frame if you wish.  For this basic gig I will look at the following time period:  3 months only.  More time frames are gig extras. You do not have to have a time frame on your question if you don't want it.

If you have any questions about this gig please contact me!  :)  I have ten days to deliver, but usually deliver within 24 to 48 hours...when I am in demand I will require more time.  :)  

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Basic Gig

Professional Psychic Reading M4a audio file

10 days delivery