I will analyze a handwriting sample for you

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analyze a handwriting sample for you
analyze a handwriting sample for you
analyze a handwriting sample for you

About This Gig

I got interested in handwriting analysis when I was a kid. It's a fascinating study. You've seen the crime dramas use it to determine who wrote a document. Our handwriting can reveal much about our personalities and even our health. It can warn us of danger and deceit.

I will analyze a sample of handwriting for you and send you a written report of what I find.

  • Send me a POSTCARD, ENVELOPE, POST-IT NOTE  or JUST A SIGNATURE  for a peak into the person's personality.  (image 1 - $5)
  • OR a full-sheet sample for a more complete analysis of the writer's personality.  (image 2 - $10)
  • OR two samples to compare to see if they were written by the same person.  (image 3 - $20)

The best full-sheet samples are a few, multi-sentence paragraphs, including a signature, written on white, unlined paper with the type of pen/pencil the writer prefers. The content of the words is less important than how they're formed.  A previously written sample is truer than a specially created one (like a candid photo vs. posed).