I will do distant Celtic Reiki healing for 1 week

do distant Celtic Reiki healing for 1 week
do distant Celtic Reiki healing for 1 week

About This Gig

Celtic Reiki is a beautiful style of Reiki which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types of trees & plants to create energies ideal for both healing and manifestation.

Healing occurs at the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels and also permeates well into all auric fields, where a lot of dis-eases reside, causing imbalances and disharmony.

Receiving distant healing, Reiki cuts into these areas to help restore the body’s natural rhythm of health, well-being and inner harmony. I will access the universal energies on behalf of the recipient and with intention these energies will be accepted by the recipient’s higher self.

As Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, there are no time and space restrictions; distant healings work beyond geographic limitations. Therefore, through my positive intent, the energies will flow from the universe, through me to you (as in an in-person treatment), sending the energies to areas needing to be restored.

All that is needed on your part is an open mind and heart, a willingness to receive the energy on all levels of being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), whilst being in a relaxed, meditative state.