I will write and record a Zambian folktale

write and record a Zambian folktale

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Description Folklore in Script/Book format Folktale in Audio MP3 format Folktale in script and MP3 format
  Story written down in script or book format with the theme and characters suggested by the client. Story will be recorded as an Audio MP3 format file. Story will be written in Script format and recorded as an MP3 Audio file with Music.
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Zambian folktales like most African folktales usually have a moral teaching underlying them. They feature animal characters with "Kalulu" the hare out smarting the other animals most of the time. Some of the themes represented in the stories would be ideas like:-  the race is not won by the fastest; he who laughs last, laughs most; goodness always wins over might and many other concepts.

For the Basic Gig, the client  would suggests a them or concept.Then  I would come up with an appropriate folktale with suitable characters in it. This would be in script format.

Standard Gig would involve the  audio recording of the Folktale in MP3 format with the theme suggested by the client.

The Premium Gig would have the story written down as a script and also recorded as an audio MP3 recording. It would also include music and sound effects. I would work out the theme together with the client.

The unique part of most Zambian folktales is that most of them usually have a song at the end of the story to drive the teaching home I guess!

I could  transcribe and provide an English translation of the song.as an extra.