I will record a Zambian folktale

record a Zambian folktale
record a Zambian folktale

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Zambian folktales like most African folktales usually have a moral teaching underlying them. They feature animal characters with "Kalulu" the hare out smarting the other animals most of the time. Some of the themes represented in the stories would be ideas like:-  the race is not won by the fastest; he who laughs last, laughs most; goodness always wins over might and many other concepts.

The idea is that the client  suggests a theme or situation.Then  I would come up with an appropriate folktale with suitable animal characters in it. This would be an audio recording in MP3 format with sound effects. The unique part of Zambian folktales is that most of them usually have a song at the end of the story to drive the teaching home I guess!

I can transcribe and provide an English translation of the song.as an extra. An animation movie could be one of many other opportunities to come out of such a recording. Some folktales could be made into many parts or episodes.  

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African Folklore

Recording includes ambiance sounds of the african jungle to evoke memories of the Lion King.

5 days delivery