I will give you a workout plan for GREATNESS

give you a workout plan for GREATNESS

About This Gig

I will design a personalized athletic workout plan for you and whatever your fitness goals are. Anything from climbing everest, to weight-loss, and from improving your run-time, to prepping for military service! SAMPLE: Workout to carve abs! (Using 1 kettlebell) rules- all exercises must be done with 1 kettlebell and for some exercises in 1 hand at a time, and then swap to other hand. Do all exercises with a minimum of rest (none if possible). Do all moves and rep's for 1-3 rounds, while timing yourself. Good form is a must but time is your ultimate goal. Strive to constantly improve your time! I will explain each move if you're unfamiliar with any of them, just hit me up! I'll also give dietary advice if interested. Moves- -Kettlebell and towel spin - 6 spins -1 arm kettlebell swing- 6 reps/arm -1 arm kettlebell overhead walking lunges - 6 reps per arm -1 arm kettlebell thrusters - 6 reps/arm -1 arm kettlebell snatch - 6 reps/arm -1 arm kettlebell above waist shuttle sprint - 50 yrd's per arm (out and back) -Kettlebell type-writer jumps - 6 reps Like i said complete all reps and moves for time. I will give you 1 workout plan for a gig

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