I will collect Data from Websites

collect Data from Websites

About This Gig


The Web is full of information. Many times we may want to collect data from websites and store it in a desirable form, either for personal or business use. But it could become tedious and time consuming.

But don't worry, for $5, I'll do it for you :)

I'm a Professional in Data Entry with considerable experience in formatting. I was involved in Data collection for for certain leading Mumbai based company in the past.

For $5, I will:

 ✔ Collect data from 'tens' of Websites
 ✔ Format the data into desirable form
 ✔ Scrape product descriptions from ecommerce websites.
 ✔ Tabulate the data
 ✔ Tag the information with HTML
 ✔ ... and much more!

Use my services, I'm sure you'll not be disappointed :)

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Since I'm a new Seller on Fiver, my first priority is to build my rating. I'm doing full 10 pages of data collection just for $5!!

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