I will add 50 relevant, active, interested twitter followers

add 50 relevant, active, interested twitter followers

About This Gig

I focus on the quality not the number.

"It’s not how many followers you get, but how many relevant ones you get"

  • Zero fake accounts
  • Real people with active accounts.
  • Relevant to your niche
  • Interested in your business
  • All have avatar and header photos
  • With bio containing relevant terms, #hashtags, keywords.
  • Not silent, with required min number of tweets (optional)
  • Popular, with required min number of folIowers (optional)
  • Located in required country, region (optional)

I would need:
- your account Password.
- keywords to determine your target audience.
- your own twitter account must have avatar and header image.
- your account must have detailed bio.
- your account must have minimum 50 tweets, and 50 folIowers.

If you don't know what kind of people you need, possibly you should pick another gig.

Most people want a mutual connection.
So I will follow people using your account, but the number of additional followings won't exceed the number of folowers I earn for you.

Also I unfolIow oldest accounts that doesn't folIow you back.
If you want to keep some of them, please give me the list.

I help you to build community - you grow as an influencer.

Order Details

3 days delivery

Basic Gig

50 relevant followers