I will reduce your server load and speed up your site

reduce your server load and speed up your site

About This Gig

Server load is one of the main reason for slow loading websites and sometimes server crashes and data loss even.

I run many my own and clients websites that I have optimized to be blazing fast and good for performance and SEO.

I will help you reduce the server load of your site by first analyzing it and then coming up with the best optimum changes that can be made including:

  • checking the current server load
  • change of hosting if required
  • change in coding or plugins if required
  • installing and setting up script or server based cache
  • blocking any bruteforce and hack attempts on your site to reduce further server load (they are always there, more than you imagine)
  • showing you the difference in server load

Server load has to be kept below 1 (for single core processor, for multicore multiply it with no. of cores)

Services includes speeding up your wordpress and other cms sites too.

Please contact me via inbox with your site and server details before buying the gig so that we can discuss accordingly and decide how many gig's it's going to cost you.