I will write gay romance stories

write gay romance stories

About This Gig

As a lifelong fan of yaoi manga, and a supporter of the gay rights movement, I write gay romance as easily as I draw breath. For you, I'll create an inspirational tale of two lovers you'll enjoy, with a happy ending. I will write about either two women or two men-it's up to you. You make the call!

You own the rights to the story. These stories can fit into modern fiction or fantasy. Gigs are 4-6 pages each. Please contact me before ordering!

Writing Sample:

They started off in a field of dreams, tied together by the thread of fate.

They started off in different worlds, but were abandoned by the ones that should’ve given them life. They were scattered into the wind, surrendered by the beginning like unwanted leaves. They thought they were doomed to wander forever, without light or hope, but the stars proved them wrong. Each jewel in the sky was a searchlight, a torch that drew them away from their burdens.

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