I will counsel and fix any broken heart

counsel and fix any broken heart

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Love, love can bring us the best of times, and the worst of times. If your like me, most of you love for the best of times, but what happens when love becomes your worst of times? There's nothing worst than feeling empty inside from the love you lost. Before you deny any help cause you think nothing will help, I'd be honored to a challenge of amending any broken heart. Grief, depression, anger, loneliness, all of these feelings are from within and do not have to dictate how you live. Believe me, i lost my fiance to my BEST friend, i have been there, and i have felt that. Do not let the negatives in which you put upon yourself out way the positives that your emotions are masking. For your trust in me i will counsel, give advise, and listen to eliminate any negative thinking so you can get back up from the shadow of negative emotions and live a happy, fulfilling, lovable life in which we are all commendable too.

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