I will professionally mix and master your music

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professionally mix and master your music
professionally mix and master your music

About This Gig

I will master your song to industry quality. I can master any genre and will give your music the professional quality that it needs to be played on radio and ready for CD pressing and for digital download.  Your song will go through EQ, compression, imaging, limiting and dithering. Your song will have a finished polish of warmth, high clarity, loudness and more bang. When done you will receive an mp3 format of your song with the quality you need. I can also mix your project if need be. Mixing and mastering will be in the extras.

Pricing Breakdown :)

  • $5 gets you a master 
  • $5 gets you a mix with level adjustments, EQ, and compression (up to 9 stems only)
  • For another $5, I will check and edit your timing in your track!
  • For another $10, I will use effects such as reverbs, delays, choruses & others!

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