I will draw your MANGA Comic

Thank you very much! Well done!
Reviewed by peki108 over 3 years ago
Ok i can wait till you get home no problem and thank you for letting me know :D
Reviewed by tadlovesanime over 4 years ago
Reviewed by odielodegreez over 4 years ago
I love both manga scans amazing work!:D and thank you. :D
Reviewed by tadlovesanime over 4 years ago
Very Good Work. Thanks alot!
Reviewed by denny1111 over 4 years ago
I love it!! really amazing:D Just one thing though since i usually share these can you do like you did last time. Put that the story was created by me and you drew it? but other then that it's awesome!!!!!:D i'll contact you soon about the third page
Reviewed by tadlovesanime over 4 years ago
It's great!:D i love it thank you. Can't wait to see it completely finished:D Btw i might also want you to help me with my manga. I only have one person drawing for me and i can't draw well XD so after i get settled after i move by the end of this month i'll be contacting you again:D
Reviewed by tadlovesanime over 4 years ago
draw your MANGA Comic

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Have you ever wanted to star in your manga? I can let you be a part of your own story! Just tell me what you want your manga to be about. Bear in mind, it is only one page. The buyer gets one high-quality digital scan. Fiverr.com is the only place I offer this. Take advantage of this opportunity! Thanks and have fun shopping.