I will typewrite you a love letter

typewrite you a love letter
typewrite you a love letter

About This Gig

I will type whatever you might want to hear from another person (be it your crush, family, friend, good friend, best friend, wifey, whatever). I will compliment you, tell you how much I adore you, how I would treat you if you were my girl/guy, and everything pathetic. See this as an encouragement. I will do my best to:

-make you feel special and loved
-be in every way crazy about you, even though I really don't know who you are. Let's just pretend that I do.
-be in any way cheesy and corny at the same time, if you like it that way
-type down imaginary (made up) flashbacks of events with you. I'll make it as romantic, funny, or both as possible.
-make the letter seem real - the "someone-i-know-wrote-this-to-me" kind of real.
-comply with your requests and suggestions.

In advance, I love you so much.

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5 days delivery