I will do 15 mins audio or video transcription

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do 15 mins audio or video transcription

About This Gig


I am Evane, a 
FULL-TIME Freelancer w/ over 5 yrs. expertise in CONTENT WRITING, ARTICLE DIRECTORY SUBMISSION & TRANSCRIPTION. I am a Contributing Expert Author to 3 of the Top 10 Article Directories. I also write and upload Wikipedia articles. I've been working on Fiverr since 2014, offering writing and transcription services with 99% positive rating.

What do I offer for this $5 gig?

  • transcribe 15 mins audio or video in 3 days or less (usually within 24-48 hrs)
  • accept American, British, Australian English recordings and more
  • proofread manual transcription
  • use Google to search for terms, jargons, acronyms, etc (esp. medial, legal & technical files)
  • professional formatting ( we have 3 diff. formats)
  • correct grammar & punctuation
  • proper sentencing & paragraphing
  • put time code in unintelligible portions

We have 5 efficient transcribers, composed of college students who do transcription & writing as their part-time job - a way for them to finance their schooling. So your order means so much.

We deliver accurate transcript on time w/ utmost degree of confidentiality or else, get your money back 100%.

More details? Read Frequently Asked Questions below or Contact Me. All is clear? Order Now

Order Details

Transcribe 15 mins

Speaker/s Tag Formatting Proofreading Spelling/Grammar Check Clean/Readable Researching

  • Proofreading
  • Up to 3 Speakers
  • Up to 15 Minutes
3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you compute the "COST" of every transcription?
    Our standard rate is $5/15 mins, but the total cost differs for varying requirements considering the total length & quality of the audio or video, verbatim or clean verbatim, period of completion, formatting, style & the no. of speakers.
  • What is the cost for Time Reference, Verbatim Transcription & Additional Speaker?
    TIME REFEENCE - $20 per 1 hour file or recording; STRICT VERBATIM Transcription - $20 per 1 hour file or recording; ADDITIONAL SPEAKER - $5 per additional speaker on top of the regular 3 per 1 hour file or recording
  • Are you able to sign a "CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT"?
    Yes, absolutely. Just message us so we can discuss more about your confidentiality requirements.
  • How do I SEND you "LARGE or BIG" files?
    If it is 1 big file (2 hrs up), please have it divided before sending. But if you have many smaller files, put it in a zipped folder first You can then send them through any of the cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and OneDrive. If unsure, please contact us for a brief guide.
  • How many hours of recording can you "transcribe in 30 days"?
    We can accept up to 20 hrs of audio or video for transcription in 30 days or less. But please message us first so we can discuss about it and send a custom offer accordingly.
  • What if the audio or video is "UNCLEAR, moderate, or of bad" quality?
    We've been on Fiverr since 2014 & we've already transcribed the most difficult files. Our experience proves that we can definitely handle your file too. But we recommend that you send us the file first so we can set the right expectations as to the cost, output, and delivery.
  • What "FORMAT" will you deliver the transcript?
    It will be delivered in MSword formats - .doc, .docx