I will record personalized greetings as Tom Cruise

Very responsible ans good actor
Reviewed by dieguiyarza 15 days ago
He was perfect for our Mission Possible themed PTA auction!!! Very responsive and easy to work with. We will be using him again leading up to the auction! Thanks again!!!!
Reviewed by arinwinsor about 1 month ago
Evan did a fantastic job. He responded to my requests promptly and delivered the video message in no time at all. My friend will love it. I would recommend the talented Evan Ferrante's personalized greetings to any and all movie buffs. Thank you so much, Mr. Ferrante and have a happy and safe New Year!
Reviewed by javiercustomart about 2 months ago
Came out great and will certainly use again in the future.
Reviewed by scubadave112 about 2 months ago
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Needed a fix by Evan (on an error of my making) - and he sent it instantly. Great talent, great seller.
Reviewed by stevevz 2 months ago
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He nails it once again! If you're reading this, stop reading this and add to cart already! This is a very fun gig. Make sure to AT LEAST get the "Risky Business" option. Your money will be well spent and is going to a good person.
Reviewed by thepalmerstuart 2 months ago
This f#*king guy!!! Awesome. Best Tom around. Order completed in an hour. Classic overachieving Cruise!
Reviewed by exercisechange 2 months ago
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He nailed Cruise's cadence to a T. Very quick and prompt service! Had the biggest grin on my face listening to it!
Reviewed by mattclayton951 3 months ago
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Evan is a consummate professional in every way!
Reviewed by angelrage1 4 months ago
Amazing! I literally had to swear to a couple of my friends that it was Not Tom Cruise. Hire this guy! You'll be glad you did.
Reviewed by angelrage1 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by angelrage1 4 months ago
Excellent service... This guy is the best.. Very Happy... This is Tom Cruise no two ways about it.... Thanks Mr Cruise.
Reviewed by harrylags 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by stevevz 5 months ago
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Love the entire read. Thanks for sending the Bueller alt. I'll let the client decide. Glad I was able to steer this one to you. Hopefully more to come. Thanks!
Reviewed by stevevz 6 months ago
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You sir, are a God among men
Reviewed by zeroplayhouse 6 months ago
Holy @#*&#@. I expected this to be good. But this is GREAT!!! I am CRYING with laughter at this delivery. PERFECT!
Reviewed by moriority5 6 months ago
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Great experience - definitely recommend!
Reviewed by jesspetrey 7 months ago
Thank you Evan, for the speedy and good work! I am very happy with it. Greetings, Rolf
Reviewed by hasenberg34 7 months ago
What can I say. Spectacular as usual! Thanks a million Evan.
Reviewed by stevevz 7 months ago
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The sound byte was a gift for my wife and it was very well received. Evan nailed it. Anyone can do a Arnold, Morgan Freeman, or other iconic voices. But Evan Captured the subtlety of Tom Cruise. 5 stars
Reviewed by normansrog 7 months ago
00:00 / 00:00
record personalized greetings as Tom Cruise
record personalized greetings as Tom Cruise
record personalized greetings as Tom Cruise
record personalized greetings as Tom Cruise

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Description The Maverick The Cole Trickle The Last Samurai
  The Maverick includes 25 words, 1 recording style, delivery in 3 days The Cole Trickle includes 45 words, script, proofreading, 1 recording style, and delivery in 2 days The Last Samurai includes 65 words, proofreading, 2 recording styles, and delivery in 2 days
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This Package includes 45 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 65 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

I am recognized as the leading TOM CRUISE impersonator in the country, and possibly the world. I've been at this game a long time. 10,000 hours of practice they say. I'm an expert, or as Malcolm Gladwell would call it, an Outlier. Anywho, when I first got my start in this crazy business, it was really just for sh%ts and giggles, pranking local businesses back in college a la The Jerky Boys or recording voice mail greetings on my friends' phones. Due to my uncanny ability to imitate Tom Cruise's vocal stylings, it became a big hit. And now, Thanks to FIVERR, I can use this platform to offer this service to you fine folks out there. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service applies to PERSONAL greetings only (up to 50 words), NOT CORPORATE greetings or advertisements. I have offer another service for the latter.  

Check out my youtube channel trailer on my homepage. Enjoy! Woohoo!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer video services in addition to audio services?
    Yes, absolutely. If you'd like a video, please order the basic package, and add the gig extra labeled The Risky Business. This gig extra allows for up to 25 words of Video. If you'd like an other 25 words, click on 2 gigs. Every additional 25 words is an additional gig.