I will make your book into a professional audiobook

make your book into a professional audiobook
make your book into a professional audiobook

About This Gig

Need an energetic, friendly voice?  I bring over 12 years of training and experience as a professional broadcaster and voice over actor, plus professional equipment, to make you sound amazing.

Here are some projects I've been honored to read recently:

  • Nonfiction
  • Biographies
  • Short and long novels
  • Training materials
  • Video scripts
  • Radio dramas
  • Much more!  (Frankly, I'm stunned by the creativity in the Fiverr community.)

The 20-day delivery time is just to give us room to maneuver.  I usually deliver much sooner.  Contact me FIRST to review your project so I can offer an estimated delivery time.  I am happy to provide a voice sample (see FAQ's.)

Prices are simple.  $5 for the first 250 words (1 page).  After that, another $5 per 2 pages (500 words).  If I make mistakes, I'm happy to fix them.

Medical project?  I'm a BSN-prepared Registered Nurse!  Please use my Gig for med needs: https://www.fiverr.com/fisheeluv/voice-your-medical-project-as-a-bsn-nurse

Order Details

Professional audio book 250 words

Recorded in stunning professional quality to ACX standards.

  • 1 Style
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
20 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hear a voice sample?
    Absolutely! I don't believe in canned voice samples. Send me a short selection of your project (one paragraph or less) and I will record it for your review, no charge or obligation.
  • What format do you record in?
    I record in industry standard 44100/24 bit audio. This means if you want to do something to the audio, like add effects or music, you have plenty of headroom. Let me know if you want it in MP3 or original, lossless .wav format.
  • What will you NOT record?
    I will not record the following books: 1. Pornography. This includes super steamers like "50 Shades of Grey" or its equivalent "mommy porn." Romance with love is fine. 2. Anything hateful, mean, or too far past PG rating.
  • What about time?
    Please contact me FIRST to confirm availability and to agree on an estimated delivery date. Please note that I live in Puerto Rico, which is Caribbean paradise but has flaky electricity and Internet service. So sometimes allowances must be made. I will always keep you informed.
  • What equipment do you use?
    I use industry-standard equipment, including a Focusrite audio console and the legendary Sennheiser MD-421 II microphone. As one of the most trusted microphones in the professional world (handmade in Germany), it offers a warm, smooth sound. No cheap Blue Yeti here!
  • Will you make it for AXC/Audible?
    Yes. I understand all that stuff about RMS and so forth. Don't worry, your project will slip right through the ACX approvals process.