I will create a UNIQUE, dynamic text animation video

create a UNIQUE, dynamic text animation video

About This Gig

Do you have a presentation,
lyric video,
or a gig you need to explain?
Get it animated in text!
I will make it exciting and unique,
and we are not talking about a template 
that someone else has used already.

This BASIC GIG offers:

Up to 30 words of plain animated 2D text
A maximum of 15 seconds
Plain colored background of your choice
Or one background image you will provide or acquire through the Getty photo package in the EXTRA GIG.

Please note if you have a script that is more than the 30 words, i.e. 48 words, then you will need to order in quantity that is $10 in this case, or $20 for 98 words and so on.

I will need:
  • The script in a text file (i.e. .txt, .docx, rtf.)
  • Picture(s), video

The GIG 
EXTRAs offer:
  • Animated Backgrounds that would go with the text animation
  • Using multiple images/graphics or Video for the Background
  • Syncing your audio to a voice-over or song
  • Add music and sound effects
  • Adding more complex graphical animation to the text

You might want to have specific graphics, like icons and logos animated in your presentation. Please refer to my other Gigs to add quality to your work.