I will make a custom embroidered sew on or iron on patch

make a custom embroidered sew on or iron on patch
make a custom embroidered sew on or iron on patch
make a custom embroidered sew on or iron on patch

About This Gig

Perfect for company logos and fandom!

It's simple: send me a high resolution .jpg of your custom patch design and I'll turn it into an embroidered. 

Things You Should Know:
  • Low quality images have to be redrawn which is an additional cost.
  • Sizes are no more than 4"x4". 
  • I will not do any patches that knowingly infringes on any copyright (ex. absolutely no Bob's Burgers, Groot, etc.)
  • OUTSIDE US ORDERS: I will calculate shipping through USPS and shipping price will be sent as a order "extra" to be paid before it is shipped.

Order Details

7 days delivery

One iron on or sew on patch.

I will turn your high resolution image into a sew on or iron on patch no bigger than 4"x4".

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want my patch to be the size of my wall! Can you do that?
    The biggest I can sew right now is 4"x4". I can do anything up to that size.
  • Can you this Van Gogh painting into a patch? It has such fineeeee details!
    When working with a sewing machine, super fine details usually do not translate well. If you have letters that are small and clumped together, or very fine details in the image the details may look jumbled and confusing. The best thing to do is to send me your image and I'll let you know.
  • I want all 7 million colors in my patch! What colors can you do?
    My program I use to draw the patches have a feature that'll match the graphic color to a color of thread. I do my absolute best to match the colors as close as possible.
  • Why are the patches so gosh darn expensive?
    First off, fiverr doesn't allow prices in any other increments except 5's. Secondly, the digitalizing process can be a long one for me. Typical patches take an average of 1 hour of work. I believe $10 per hour is fair to me. But if digitalizing takes longer than an hour, it's still only $10 for you