I will 3d print your item

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3d print your item
3d print your item
3d print your item
3d print your item

About This Gig

Hello, thank you for visiting our 3D printing Gig on Fiverr.  We have been proudly providing 3D printed parts on Fiverr for multiple years.  Here, we will 3D print your item and ship it to you anywhere in the world.

How this Gig works:

1. You send us your STL or OBJ file.
2. We will run a simulation and determine the cost.
3. We will send you a quote for the item.  If the item takes less than 1 hour to 3D print, then the cost is $5.
4. Once your order is started, we will 3D print your item then ship it.


Lead time to ship is 7 days and is shipped USPS First Class in the USA.  We do offer an expedited shipping lead time and can make accommodations for faster shipping.

Colors available: red, green, purple, blue, pink, orange, white, black

Specialty materials available: electrically conductive plastic, coffee, beer yeast, water soluble plastic, nylon

Need another color or material?  Inquire within.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are STL and OBJ files?
    They are the files a 3D printer needs in order to create your item.
  • Do you accept other files?
    No we don't, so no STEP, SLDPRT, DWG, etc. Please export or save your 3D models as STL or OBJ before sending.
  • How much to ship to other countries?
    It's $12-$20 for USPS First Class (no tracking, 2+ week delivery). $35+ for tracking and 6-10 day delivery
  • Do you do design work?
    Yes, $50 per hour