About This Gig

****Before purchasing this Gig for 3D printing technology**** you MUST contact me as I will need the file to determine printing time as well to see if there are any tiny features that may have difficulty coming out correctly.

I can 3D print a .STL file for you for up to ONE HOUR; support structure removal included.  Have any questions?  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding 3D printing and modelling.

material: ABS plastic - the same stuff car bumpers are made of.

If your thing is small, multiples can be made or different parts can be made to equal an hour of print time.

Resolution maximum is .15mm layer height, but other layer heights are available to reduce the amount of time of printing.

I now provide international shipping as a Gig Extra

I can also provide 3D modelling service as an extra as well!

****Before purchasing this Gig**** you MUST contact me