I will do a Christopher Walken impression up to 100 words

do a Christopher Walken impression up to 100 words
do a Christopher Walken impression up to 100 words
Exceptional! Great impression! Great improvisation! Very funny! Will use again! Will recommend!
Reviewed by chrisclark99 15 days ago
SPot on Christopher Walken Voice. Hire TIM!
Reviewed by nickgondoras 16 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by williambrooks01 2 months ago
Fast and spot on one of the best Walkens on fiverr
Reviewed by prokopto 5 months ago
Reviewed by jasonmiceli 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by krzonic2 6 months ago
funntguytimmy is easily the best impressionist on Fiverr, and extremely professional. Went way above and beyond what I expected. Don't hesitate to try him out.
Reviewed by wink73 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by toddwarrior 8 months ago
Excellent rendition. Thank you.
Reviewed by cricket20 9 months ago
Ordered 1-day service, came in half that time. High quality recording, great impression. Will definitely use again.
Reviewed by benkershner 9 months ago
Good stuff, thanks!
Reviewed by nzstormtrooper 10 months ago
absolutely perfect! this is the guy - look no further! I'll be back for more - that's guaranteed!
Reviewed by kartmaster 12 months ago
Very solid impersonation. Delivered as stated. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by homlet about 1 year ago
There is nobody on fiverr that does better George W. Bush and Christopher Walken --- that's just the bottom line. Excellent delivery time. Outstanding sound quality. I'm using him for my entire project.
Reviewed by josh317 about 1 year ago
Holy ****! It was a perfect and hilarious Walken impression with several takes so I could pick my favorite. It was great.
Reviewed by arthurfratelli about 1 year ago
Sounds just like Christopher Walken. Enjoyed the entire process.
Reviewed by yobigbro over 1 year ago
Great communication! Superb work from a very, very talented impersonator, especially of Christopher Walken. GREAT!
Reviewed by chappel1978 over 1 year ago
Perfect as always!
Reviewed by lumicat over 1 year ago
Briliant. Totally nailed it :-)
Reviewed by rubbachikin about 2 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by maxxscape over 2 years ago
do a Christopher Walken impression up to 100 words
do a Christopher Walken impression up to 100 words

About This Gig

Want me to record a fun message for someone for their birthday?

As a impersonator I will while doing a Christopher Walken impression say any thing, for any friend or family member, you like and sent the recording to you.

If you want me to do a phone call for a special, please specify the time and date.