I will teach you Japanese online

teach you Japanese online
teach you Japanese online

About This Gig

There's a moment in life where we want to do something different. Some people do sports, others practice music and others say "I'll learn a new language".

Most people choose Western languages (Frenc, Italian, Spanish, German...) but others have chosen Eastern languages and, among then, Japanese.

So, what's the deal with this gig? When you acquire it, I'll guide you through the basics of the Japanese language, starting with their writing system to get latter on the grammar so you can read, write and talk in this language.

Paying a basic Gig will give you:

  • A 30-minute online private lesson.
  • Side materials for the lesson.
  • Counseling for any doubt you have about the language.

If you purchase the extras, you'll receive:

  • Review exercises to practice the content.
  • Additional time for lessons.
  • Conversational practices.

So, what are you waiting for to learn the language of the Land of the Rising Sun?