I will create an original animation, cartoon series, whiteboard or explainer video

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bbienias5 11 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pavo_ninja about 2 months ago
Working with Gallywix has been a first class experience.
Reviewed by ridolph 7 months ago
Every now and then you come across those rare creative people that blow your mind with their talent. Gallywix is one of those people. Always on budget, always to deadline, always easy to deal with AND always delivers a stand out project.
Reviewed by jamestar88 12 months ago
Awesome work by awesome guy, highly rated!
Reviewed by johnamuesi 12 months ago
Gallywix can do no wrong! he takes a brief and turns it into visual gold everytime!
Reviewed by jamestar88 about 1 year ago
Thanks again Gally, we always appreciate your quick turnarounds.
Reviewed by jamestar88 about 1 year ago
G, what another great Gig. Cheers mate
Reviewed by jonnomoods over 1 year ago
Another awesome video from Gally, great communicator + great talent = Professional product everytime!
Reviewed by jamestar88 over 1 year ago
Wowza. G is awesome. That is all.
Reviewed by jonnomoods over 1 year ago
Nailed it G. Thanks for the speedy superb work.
Reviewed by jonnomoods over 1 year ago
Great Job Gallywix. Creative, refined and on time!
Reviewed by jonnomoods over 1 year ago
Gallywix is simply the best. Period. Fast, witty and uses initiative beyond what I had hoped for. Great work.
Reviewed by jonnomoods over 1 year ago
This was an awesome experience! Great end result. Great service. Edit was handled in hours. I could not be more pleased with the result, as it captured everything I had in my vision at an unbelievable value. I highly recommend gallywix!
Reviewed by danmcdunn over 1 year ago
Awesome!! Man knows his stuff.
Reviewed by tornadoes40 over 1 year ago
Excellent communication! He knew exactly what I was trying to convey in my video and did an excellent job!!
Reviewed by chanpong over 1 year ago
Another amazing video! Great creative, quick turn-a-round and cost effective. Thanks again Gally... on to the next one!
Reviewed by jamestar88 over 1 year ago
WOW ! what can I say, Gallywix is a true professional in every aspect! He quickly took our ideas and made them a reality. We took 1 view of the final film and immediately LOVED IT! Highly recommended! save yourself searching for the best, I already did that, Gallywix is the best!
Reviewed by jamestar88 over 1 year ago
Fabulous service. Always nice to work with a professional.
Reviewed by magic100 almost 2 years ago
Awesome job super stoked how it turned out, great communicator and spot on with what was requested.
Reviewed by sampercival almost 2 years ago
create an original animation, cartoon series, whiteboard or explainer video
create an original animation, cartoon series, whiteboard or explainer video
create an original animation, cartoon series, whiteboard or explainer video
create an original animation, cartoon series, whiteboard or explainer video

About This Gig


Before contacting me please fill out the appropriate forms below based on your project needs. 

Projects that require custom artwork require a
Animation Quote Request and Script.

Projects that do not require custom artwork only require a Script. (Must use script format shown above in photo gallery)

Download a blank Animation Quote Request here: 

Download blank Script here: 

Welcome! I'm Gallywix!

The ONLY true working animator and designer on Fiverr.com that offers ORIGINAL ANIMATION SERVICES. So if you need any kind of TRULY custom work done, I'm your animator.

Full service animation including:

Explainer Videos
Web Series
Character Animation
Assets for your project
and more!

Please read FAQ below

Order Details

3 days delivery

Awesome Animation

Custom or Template animation.

  • Up to 40 Words
  • 1 Second Running Time
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Background Music
  • Add Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes you different?
    99.9% of sellers here use a combination of template software and already made assets to "put together" animation into a video and pass it off as "custom". This is not custom work, it's template creation using a true animators work. I design, draw and animate 100% original artwork. True animator.
  • What if I want a video but don't need custom artwork?
    For explainer videos, whiteboards and other animations that don't need custom artwork, all I need is a script with visual descriptions of each scene. Just fill out the script I have provided above and let me know what premade template you want to use. Easy!
  • Can you create custom templates so I can design my own explainer or whiteboard video?
    Heck yes! If you are good with software and know your way around, say After Effects or Powtoon, I can create an unlimited amount of assets for any project you are working on. So you order what you want, I send you the files and assets and you put it together however you want! Awesome!
  • Are you flexible on price?
    Of course! My whole goal is to create something for you you'll love. If your idea requires work that may put you over budget, I'll offer solutions to bring the cost down and still help you get what you need. This is why I ask that you contact me first to discuss your idea.
  • What are the limits to your animation ability?
    I can do ANY style of animation and artwork as long as it's 2D. From disney to anime, from family guy to south park. There is nothing I can't do. I also work in 2.5D.
  • Why can't I just tell you my idea real quick and get a quote?
    Quoting custom animation without knowing the complexity of the artwork/animation needed and seeing a script is like asking someone "How much will it cost to build a house?" without knowing what the house will look like, where it will be built or what materials it will be made of.
  • But what if I have a really simple straight forward project?
    Sometimes projects are clear cut and easy to grasp. If this is the case I won't require extensive preparation. However if I have to spend more than a couple emails trying to figure out what it is you want, you'll have to fill out my forms and prepare the necessary documents before I can help.