I will write 48 rap bars for 5 dollars

write 48 rap bars for 5 dollars

About This Gig

I am an emcee by trade so if you are getting ready for a project or a few projects and you're not sure if your rhymes are up to par, I'll write you 48 bars ( that's 3 sixteen bar verses) for 5 bucks for the rest of this month!!! Next month it'll be 5 bucks per verse. As a bonus I will throw in a hook for an extra 5 bucks!!!! Act now. As an incentive and sort of a showcase of what you get I'll just give you 8 bars of my OK work.

Yo I got that heat rock, You niggaz full of phosphorous/
Get to close to me I guarantee you'll explode/
listen closely to my lyric and mimic it as you as you hear it/
if you tryina get that sponsorship then I'm the way to go/
Flocabulary's got rhymes while all you losers got lines/
You're doting on that fake shit, ya whole flow is makeshift/
face it the extent of yo knowledge reaches no where/
you the type of dude to encounter life and cry bout how its no fair/

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