I will write Short Stories for adults and children

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write Short Stories for adults and children
write Short Stories for adults and children
write Short Stories for adults and children
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About This Gig

I will write a high quality story up to 1000 words customized with your name and choice of subject. I can write children and adult stories that are creative, highly imaginative, and educational (for children,) as well as age appropriate.

The children stories I write are best suited for children ages 4 years old and up.

The adult stories are unique, highly engaging for the readers and creative.

I’m capable of creating high quality fictional and non-fictional stories that will delight young and old readers alike.

Whether you are seeking a children short story for a children’s picture book, entertainment purposes, teaching aid, or simply as a gift to a special child, or adult in your life, this gig is perfect for all those and more!

All buyers should contact me prior to ordering a story!

Upon final delivery of your story, all rights will be transferred to you!

Orders placed without talking to me first will automatically be cancelled. I guarantee all work is original! Please contact me before ordering, thank you :)

Order Details

7 days delivery 1 Revision

Bronze Package

500-1000 Words Adult or Children Story, all original work! Please contact before ordering :)

  • Commercial Use
Number of words
This Package includes 1000 words. For each additional 1000 words, the price is $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services come with the basic $5 Gig?
    The services that come with the basic $5 gig are as follows: * • 1, 500-1000 words max original story in draft form. • Transfer of rights upon finalized story.
  • What kind of stories do you write?
    I write children stories in any genre. (Ages 3 and up.) I also write stories for adults as long as they are not erotica, or include explicit sexual content.
  • Should i contact you before ordering?
    All buyers are required to contact me before ordering the gig. The reasons for this are: 1. I have exclusive custom offers for first time buyers that are not available through the gig packages. 2. In order to write the highest quality story, I like for the buyer and I to have a mutual understandi
  • What happens if i fail to contact you before ordering?
    You will have to provide all the details for our story. If I can write what you have in mind, I will gladly do so. If not, then the order will have to be canceled. In case you don’t contact me before ordering, we will have to modify the order to best fit your story needs.
  • Do you provide custom offers?
    Yes, custom offers for first time buyers and frequent buyers are provided upon request.
  • What services are provided with a custom offer?
    The services that are provided will depend on your story needs. Here are the most frequently ordered ones: Additional word count per stories, i.e.: 2000, 3000, and 5000+. Additional revisions prior to finalized story’s delivery. Plot creation and story related research. Professional editing ser
  • How can I get a custom offer from you?
    Simply contact me prior to placing an order and I’ll be glad to provide the best custom offers for you!
  • Do you provide illustrating and layout services along with the written story?
    No, I’m not an illustrator, or layout artist. But I do provide illustration suggestions with the stories by request as well as consultations and advice through the custom orders.
  • Do you translate the stories? If so, to what languages do you translate?
    Yes, I translate stories from English to Spanish and Spanish to English upon request.
  • Do you write original stories?
    Yes, all of my stories are 100% original.