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analyze your natal chart

About This Gig

Ever wonder what makes you unique? What makes you tick? Curious why newspaper horoscopes don't always seem to apply to you? Astrology is much more than your Sun sign; it also encompasses nine other heavenly bodies, twelve houses and aspects between the planets. I do NOT sell computer generated reports like many here do. I actually look at your chart and write my analysis in my own words. This is an excellent opportunity to get a professional chart delineation from a full time professional astrologer. For the basic Gig, I will give you insight regarding the "front door" of your chart: the Ascendant. I will explain the sign on your 1st house, the ruler, house placement and aspects. For a more in depth analysis, please order the Extras. For trends that are coming up, order the Extras that include your Transits, Progressions and Harmonics. I can also analyze your Solar Return to give you an idea of what the year will hold, as well as a Lunar Return that will show what will transpire during any given month. I will need your birth data for this Gig, and it is important that you also include birth time. Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward to reading your chart for you!