I will give a tarot card reading regarding if love is in the near future

give a tarot card reading regarding if love is in the near future
give a tarot card reading regarding if love is in the near future
give a tarot card reading regarding if love is in the near future

About This Gig

Curious when love may be headed your way? I can answer these questions quickly and in detail using a variety of tarot card spreads that will outline if someone is already around you, when someone may enter into your life and what obstacles you may have to overcome to get the love you desire. I will choose a spread that is tailored to your question for the most detail.This reading is written by me, NOT a computer generated spread or report! I draw the cards and let you know what I see. Most readings are between 2 and 5 pages of personalized info written specifically for you.


As noted in the Buyer Instructions, the basic $5 Gig is for ONE question ONLY! So, if you want to know if romance is in the near future-do NOT order the $5 Gig and in your message ask me a totally unrelated question, as I will answer THAT question, and NOT give you a reading on your love life. The basic Gig is NOT for you to get a love life in the future prediction PLUS another related or unrelated question answered. If you desire additional questions addressed PLEASE order more than one Gig so that we can avoid any misunderstandings!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Synastry chart?
    One of the Extras I offer is a Synastry comparison. For this, I would need both parties birth data .What this does is compares two natal charts and will show your strengths and challenges as a couple.
  • What is a Composite chart?
    A Composite takes both birth charts and combines them to make one chart - which is the chart of the relationship itself. It can give invaluable insight as far as showing why you are together and the purpose of the union.
  • What does the 7th house analysis do?
    If you order the 7th house analysis Extra, I will give detailed insight about the house that rules your relationships, the 7th - I will tell you about your marriage partner(s), and your needs in a relationship. Then, I will progress the chart to determine when you would be in a "Marriage Cycle".
  • What is a horary chart?
    Horary is a branch of astrology that answers specific questions that one may have. It gives details, timing and the surrounding influences. It often will add another layer to the basic Gig's answer.
  • What are Lenormand cards?
    Lenormand is quite different than tarot cards in that there are 36 cards, and they are quite literal in their interpretation. While the intuitive process is still involved in reading a spread, the answers can be much clearer, rather than diffused with fate vs free will.